The first formally organized and legally licensed alumni association was established in 2008   under the name “Yekidist Mariam University College Yemirukan Mahiber”.   The Association secured a license from the Ministry of Justice (by Reg. No. 3812) which would have been renewed after four years though it was not renewed.   

Organizing the alumni of St. Mary’s University is so important that the former graduates have diverse experience and expertise that can be shared back to the University community with the intention to keep up advancing the University in the track of excellence. Moreover, it can efficiently support the promotion of the image of the University. In other words, former graduates could be ambassadors to their University in building image in the community they are in.  

It is established to have a unified and strong alumni association which embraces all graduates of the University. Therefore, the objectives of SMU Alumni group or association will be to: 

  • encourage personal and professional continued growth, and maintain a spirit of fellowship among alumni; 
  • promote the relationship between St. Mary’s University and its students; Same as the next one 
  • build, maintain and enhance the relationship between the University and its Alumni; 
  • support the management, staff, faculty and student body of the University in their efforts to improve the Institution; 
  • act as an advisory board and liaison to the administration of the University on matters related to alumni relations and alumni communications.

Undergraduate Campus 

 Phone: +251-115538019

Graduate Campus 

 Phone: +2515524503  

 P.O. Box: 1211 /18490 

 Addis Ababa,