St. Mary’s University conferred degrees on its undergraduate and postgraduate students on March 9, 2024, at the Ethiopian National Theatre.

In his keynote address, Wondwosen Tamrat, (Ph.D., Associate Professor), the Founder and President of the University, extended heartfelt congratulations to the graduates for their commendable academic achievements.

The President acknowledged the graduates’ dedication and the unwavering support of the faculty and staff, which were instrumental in the students’ successful academic journey. He emphasized that the University’s commitment to education, research, and community service has been pivotal in nurturing thousands of professionals over the past quarter-century, thereby significantly contributing to the nation’s progress.

Reflecting on the University’s enduring legacy of excellence, the President announced that this year, 142 postgraduates and 344 undergraduate students, totaling 486 graduates have met the rigorous academic standards and national examination requirements to be presented as candidates for graduation. The gender distribution among the graduates is noteworthy, with 45.8% of postgraduate and 45.9% of undergraduate degrees awarded to male students, while female students comprised 54.2% and 54% of the respective cohorts.

The President highlighted that this year’s graduation statistic underscores a remarkable increase in female participation and achievement, which exemplifies the University’s outstanding performance in fostering gender equity in higher education.

“In preparation for today’s graduation, extensive efforts have been made over the past years. Following the Ministry of Education’s directives, our undergraduate candidates have been meticulously trained in their respective competencies. This rigorous preparation was essential for qualifying for the National Higher Education Exit Exam. Notably, it is the sole private university (among such five in the country ) to surpass a 50% graduate pass rate in last year’s exam, has once again achieved commendable results, continuing its legacy of success,” he remarked.

The guest of honor, Dr. Tewabech Bishaw, Founder and Managing Director of Alliance for Brain Gain and Innovative Development (ABIDE), had the honor of presenting awards to academically distinguished graduates.

In her closing remarks, the guest of honor imparted sage advice, urging the graduates to aspire to greatness by embracing values of equality, unity, respect, tolerance, empathy, and love—virtues our nation dearly requires. She emphasized that the graduates’ future success hinges on patriotic fervor, a positive outlook, fairness, integrity, dedication, and a robust work ethic. “Your vision will be clear, and your mission accomplished, as long as you apply your education with zeal and wisdom,” she affirmed. “The ceremony was not only a festivity of scholastic achievements but also a recognition of diligence and commitment,” She reaffirmed.

The event reached its zenith with a commemorative photo session capturing the moment shared between the senate members and the graduates.