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The Faculty of Informatics was established in 2000E.C enrolling a total of 147 students in certificate and 12+2 diploma programs in the regular and extension divisions in the department of Computer Science.  The Faculty launched the undergraduate degree program in Computer Science in the 2005 Academic year. In 2005/06, the Faculty was raised to the level of faculty by launching new undergraduate degree program in the field of Information Technology and named as Faculty of Informatics.  In 2007 E,C. academic year the faculty launched post graduate program in computer science enrolling about 15 students. So far, the Faculty has graduated more than 2000 students with diploma and degree. Currently, the Faculty has stared postgraduate program in computer science.


Students are admitted to the under graduate Degree Program based on the admission requirements set by the Ministry of Education. Students can join the degree program after successfully completing the preparatory program.

 Course Delivery

The Faculty integrates conceptual knowledge and technical skills through the encouragement of its academic staff and students to regularly use the computer laboratories. Students are offered regular project works and Internship Program to help them translate the theory they acquire in classrooms into practice.

Resources and Facilities

Students can use the resources in the library. They are allowed to check out resources for on-the-spot reading purposes or can borrow books for home use.

There are 5 computer laboratories with 25 PCs each on average, which students can easily access for practice. Every PC is connected through the LAN of the University. The Internet connectivity of SMU is 10 MB/s broad-band leased line service. This has enabled students to browse information from the Internet sites to support their learning. Students with laptops supporting wireless connection have unlimited free access to the Internet. Moreover, students can also get Internet services with a nominal fee at the internet cafe.

 Outreach Services

The Faculty develops need-based trainings and offers trainings in the areas of Application Software Development, Programming, Web Development, Networking, and PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

  • We prepare and conduct employee screening exams
  • We also offer such services as Web-Based Application Development, Network Installation and Configuration, and PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting

 Staff Profile

The staff composition is made in such a way that it supports the multidisciplinary nature of the computing discipline. The Faculty has staff members with such a skills mix as Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Information Science.

  Academic programs run by the Faculty

1. BSc Degree in Computing Science

2. MSc in computer Science

Duration of study

The Degree Program in Computing Science runs for Four years in the regular and five years in the extension divisions and it is same as for the Information Technology program

Department of Computer Science (post graduate)


The main goal of the program is to provide advanced-level knowledge and skill in the current theory and technology of Computer Science in a way that graduates can solve problems existing in the country. It actually focuses on areas that are most relevant to the needs of the country and include advanced-level issues in the following areas: software engineering and language technologies.

Admission Requirement

An applicant to be admitted into the MSc program in Computer Science at St. Mary’s University must have a BSc degree from a recognized institution in Computer Science, Information Systems, Software engineering, Computer Engineering and related fields.

Department of Computer Science (Under graduate)

An applicant to be admitted into BSc degree program in computer science must fulfill the minimum passing grade, as set by the Ministry of Education on annual basis.

Course Listing for B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science

Common Course


NoCourse TitleCredit Hr
1Introduction to Logic3
2Communicative English Skills3
3Basic Writing Skills3
4Advanced Technical Writing3
5Civic and Ethical Education3
Total Crhr15
Common Course

Elective courses (Any three courses from the following)

NoCourse TitleCredit Hr
1GIS and Remote Sensing3
2UNIX System Administration and Support3
3Modeling and Simulation3
4Web Technologies3
5Wireless Com. & Mobile Computing3
6Expert Systems3
7Selected Topics in Computer Science3
Total Crhr21

Supportive Courses

NoCourse TitleCredit Hr
1Numerical Analysis3
2Optimization Theory3
3Applied Mathematics I4
4Applied Mathematics II4
5Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics3
6Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management3
7Introduction to Statistics and Probability Theory3
Total Crhr23

NoCourse TitleCredit Hr
1Introduction of Computer Science3
2 Fundamentals of Programming I3
3Digital Electronics and Logic Design3
4Data Communication and Computer Networks3
5Introduction to Algorithms3
6Fundamentals of Programming II3
7Data Structure and Algorithm Analysis4
8Fundamentals of Database Systems4
9Computer Architecture & Organization3
10Machine Organization & Assembly Language2
11Object-Oriented Programming4
12Fundamentals of Software Engineering3
13Object Oriented Software Engineering3
14Software Project Management3
15Introduction to Artificial Intelligence4
16Advanced Database Systems4
17Internet Programming I3
18Formal Language Theory3
19Computer Graphics3
20Operating Systems: Principles & Design4
21Advanced Object-Oriented Programming4
22Rapid Application Development4
23Internet Programming II3
24Compiler Design4
25Computer Systems and Network Security3
26Network and System Administration3
27Introduction to Multimedia Systems3
28Elective  13
29Elective  23
30Elective  33
32Senior Project I2
33Senior Project II3
Total Credit Hour    106
Major Courses


Total credit hours for the B.Sc. in Computing Science as of the 2009 entry will be as follows:

CourseCredit Hours
Common Course15
Total 144


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P.O.Box 18490/1211

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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