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kaleb bekure showing off his goal medal award.

Kaleb Bekure is one of the 2019 graduates of St. Mary’s University, who was awarded a Trophy and a Medal. He graduated from the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, regular program with a Cumulative GPA of 4.0.

aiming to draw lessons for those who are pursuing their studies at SMU and beyond, the International Relations and Communication Office of SMU interviewed Kaleb to share his experiences and the factors that contributed to his success.

Kaleb, before reaching this level, had gone through many challenges. Upon completion of preparatory education, he was assigned at Gondar University to study Engineering although his interest was to study either Medicine or Public Health. Kaleb got into depression right after he had started his study and as a result discontinued his education and returned home. He then took a break for a year.

After discussing with his parents, he joined Bethel Teaching Hospital’s Medical School, hoping to enjoy his passion of studying Medicine. However, he relapsed into depression and discontinued his study again. With this, Kaleb reached the extent of thinking that “He doesn’t have the capacity to learn; neither was he created for education, nor education for him”.

Losing hope of continuing his education, he trained and got a driving license to become a driver. At this juncture, his sister intervened to assist and suggested that Tourism and Hospitality Management would be good for him and he could get training through special personal class (by a personal tutor) and would earn a certificate afterwards. Accepting his sister’s advice, Kaleb joined Ibex Hotel and Tourism College in Addis Ababa and earned a certificate after completing the three month’s special personal class by scoring excellent grades. Besides, parallel to attending the three month’s training, he, along with second year students, visited the well-known tourist destinations and historical sites in the country, which had helped him develop passion for tourism and hospitality. Considering his outstanding performance, the College encouraged him to pursue his Diploma. Working extremely hard, he completed his Diploma with outstanding performance winning a trophy award.

When he planned to do his first degree, he heard that St. Mary’s University offers a Bachelor’s Degree program in Tourism & Hospitality Management. He then joined the University. While studying, he dedicated all his might and graduated with very great distinction.

We had asked Kaleb about factors that contributed to his academic success, to which he responded as follows.

He attributes his success to God and his parents who take the lion’s share in many respects. They had supported him throughout all the ups and downs he went through until he finally knew his right choice and passion. “They did not give up on me; they encouraged me throughout all my journeys to help me become myself. Even at those times of absolute depression when I felt hopeless, they were there for me to help me live my passion”, he applauded their contributions to his being.

He also attributes his achievements to SMU. He said that the manageable class size (they were only thirty students in class) at the Department had helped him and his classmates to develop a family-like intimacy with the instructors. Most of the instructors were very good and supportive, according to him.

Asked about his personal qualities that contributed to his academic success, he responded as follows.

Kaleb told us that students, to succeed in their learning, should “firstly, search for their talents, follow their passion persistently, never give up, push forward, try again and again, and work hard until they get there.” Secondly, he said, students should “study hard and make effective use of their time and might.” They should also avoid being satisfied easily, he added.

As the tradition at St. Mary’s University has it, Kaleb was given a full scholarship to pursue his Master’s study at the University. Kaleb is currently an academic staff at the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, from which he graduated, while simultaneously pursuing his Master’s Degree in Marketing Management at the School of Graduate Studies of SMU.

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