St. Mary’s University’s Computer Science Club, in collaboration with the Google Developer Students Club (GDSC), organized two enriching events at the American Corner on March 14 and 26, 2024. These sessions were designed to expand the horizons of tech enthusiast students about the cutting-edge fields of data science and cloud computing.

The first event, led by Bemnet Girma, a data scientist, who provided an introduction to the world of data science. His presentation was not only educational but also deeply inspiring, as he shared his personal experiences and career journey. His insights proved invaluable, leaving the students motivated and equipped with new perspectives on harnessing data for innovation.

A successive session was held on March 26, 2024, with Bereket Negash, a cloud expert, featured the world of cloud computing. His presentations unraveled the complexities of cloud technologies, offering students a comprehensive understanding of the subject. The session culminated in an interactive interview, where Bereket elaborated on the nuances of cloud computing. A vibrant Q&A session followed, sparking discussions that left attendees with new insights and ideas.