St Mary’s University’s Center for Educational Improvement and Quality Assurance (CEIQA) held a meeting on June 15, 2024 at the Syndicate Room to assess the half-year performance of its Quality Enhancement Committees (QECs). The session, led by CEIQA Director Shegaw G/Medhin, featured a detailed presentation by Nibretu Kebede (PhD), who reported on the progress of 14 QECs. 

After the presentation during the discussion members engaged in a thorough examination of their successes and the challenges they faced. The discussion brought to light the essential need for CEIQA to enhance its support mechanisms, particularly through orientations focused on documentation and reporting methodologies. The participants also suggested the integration of SWOT analysis into the reporting structure, to enrich the reporting process and to provide a more comprehensive strategic outlook.

The session culminated with Wondwosen Tamrat (PhD) the President of SMU, acknowledging the diligent efforts of CEIQA and the QECs. He underscored the critical importance of learning from diverse committee practices and the need for a continuous evolution of the evaluation framework. He emphasized the necessity of a standardized reporting and assessment system, adaptable enough to allow for the reformulation of plans by the CEIQA office when required.