The Faculty of Business, Undergraduate Program launched its programs in 1998. It took its current shape in 2005 with the view to provide more efficient and quality service to the rapidly growing number of students joining the business streams of the University and to meet the skilled workforce requirements of the labor market. The day-to-day activities of the Faculty are executed by department heads under close supervision by a Faculty Dean. Issues pertaining to policy and institutional development are discussed and endorsed by the Faculty Academic Commission.

The Faculty of Business comprises three departments: Department of Management, Department of Marketing Management, and Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, each offering an undergraduate degree in the areas of Management, Marketing Management and Tourism and Hospitality Management.

The Faculty is introducing a new department, the Department of Economics, this academic year. All the requirements needed to launch the new Department have already been submitted to the FDRE Education and Minister of Education(MoE).

Admission to the Faculty is accessible to all applicants who fulfill the admission requirements set by the FDRE Education and Minister of Education(MoE). Qualified applicants are admitted to the Faculty regardless of age, gender, race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, physical ability/disability, and marital status.


Undergraduate Campus

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P.O. Box 1211/8490

Addis Ababa,

EthiopiaMinister of Education(MoE)