St.Mary's University

Establishment History

The Faculty of Business, Undergraduate Program, launched its programs in 1998. It took its current shape in August 2005 with the view to provide efficient and quality service to the rapidly growing number of students joining the business streams of the University and to meet the skilled workforce requirements of the labor market.

The day-to-day activities of the Faculty are executed by department heads. But, issues pertaining to policy and institutional development are discussed and endorsed by the Faculty Academic Commission, whose members constitute department heads, one staff representative and one student representative. The secretary of the Commission is elected from the members. Faculty Academic Commission meetings are held fortnightly.

The Faculty of Business offers training in the fields of Management, Marketing Management, and Tourism and Hospitality Management. All departments offer Degree programs.


Yalew Gorfu

Dean, Faculty of Business

+251 11 553 8020 (106)

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