Founded in October 2014, the Department of Computer Science (which operates under the Faculty of Informatics), one of the top computer science departments among the Ethiopian private higher education institutions, is a center for education and research at the postgraduate level. The main educational goal of the Department of Computer Science is to prepare students for research and teaching careers in learning institutions and/or in industry. Students are made aware of different current apps. The common types of applications include Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Big Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Mobile and Pervasive Computing, Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision, Distributed Systems, and Computer and Network Security. 

Strong research groups work actively in areas of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Digital Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Parallel Computing, and Mobile Computing. In addition to this, the Department has maintained close ties with researchers with computational interests in departments of other universities.

The Department is one of the first departments in the private higher education institutions of Ethiopia to start the two-year regular MSc. program in Computer Science. The Master’s program in Computer Science provides many new opportunities and enables graduates to design and analyze new computer systems and engage in research in contemporary areas. It also enables graduates to understand the business side of bringing cutting-edge solutions to the market during their exposure to entrepreneurship. The graduate program in Computer Science prepares students to be leaders in this new technological wave. 

The Department admits students twice a year (Semester I and semester II) through rigorous selection methods that involve fulfilling all the requirements set by the University’s School of Graduate Studies and taking an entrance exam.  

Address: Green Campus


P.O. Box 1211/18490  

Addis Ababa,