The Faculty of Informatics was established in 2000 enrolling a total of 147 students in certificate and 12+2 diploma programs in the regular and extension divisions at the department of Computer Science.  The Faculty launched the Undergraduate degree program in Computer Science in 2005 Academic Year. In 2005/06, the Faculty was raised to the level of Faculty by launching a new undergraduate degree program in the field of Information Technology named as Faculty of Informatics. 

The Faculty integrates conceptual knowledge and technical skills through the encouragement of its academic staff and students to regularly use the computer laboratories. Students are offered regular project works to help them translate the theory they acquire in classrooms into practice. Moreover, students are required to undergo internship programs to make them familiar with the real world of work.

Currently, the Faculty offers a Bachelor degree program in Computing Science. The Faculty creates opportunities for its prospective graduates and alumni to showcase their ICT products at the annual exhibitions and bazaars held at SMU.

The Faculty is proud to see a significant number of its graduates who have become entrepreneurs and opened their doors for other students to learn from their experiences and follow suit.


Mexico Campus

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