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Graduation Ceremony of SMU 2020 Graduate Students of the Regular Program

St. Mary’s University is one of the pioneer private universities in the Ethiopia. It has been contributing its share to help Ethiopia have human capital equipped with the requisite knowledge and skills to boost the economy

The University will mark the graduation of its 2020 Regular Master’s Program students on October 10, 2020 (Meskerem 30, 2013 E.C.) in the morning, starting 08:30 AM, at St. Mary’s University’s Main Campus, Mexico Square adjacent to Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise. Few of the graduating students will attend the ceremony physically while the majority will attend the event online from their places.  

This year, the University will graduate a total of 563 Regular Master’s Programs students (316 male and 247 female), where female students comprise 43.8 percent of the graduates.

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St. Mary’s University would like to congratulate the graduates who endured the psychological impact of COVID-19 pandemic and made it to this day to celebrate their achievements.

  • W/ro Asnakech G/Selassie 

Director, International Relations and Communication Office

St. Mary’s University

Tel. 011 558 06 16 (Office)

 0911 87 52 50 (Mobile)


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