Organized in diverse clubs, St. Mary’s University students have a tradition of engaging themselves in extra and co-curricular activities toward enhancing their leadership skills and community responsibilities. As in the case last year, they put their respective annual plans under review in the presence of the University’s leadership on Saturday, November 18, 2023.

The clubs, which are currently functional, include Art & Photography, Book, Career, Charity, Computer Science, Gavel, Gender, Hagerigna, Literature and Entertainment, and Speech and Debate. In addition to the ten clubs, among the presenters was the Students’ Union, whose leadership has been actively involved in various campus activities bringing the student community on board. 

The club heads showcased what they had in store and clarified their plans to the audience. Even more, some of them stated their succession plans considering the importance of a smooth transition of leadership as current club heads complete their studies at the University. Others made efforts to invite former club leaders who left the University upon completion of their studies. 

According to participants, by any measure, the students’ plans and how they managed to express themselves deserve appreciation. As a result, the students’ presentation received acclamation from the audience.

Present at the half-day review session were academic department heads, deans, office heads, and student representatives. After constructive comments and words of appreciation were forwarded by participants, the University’s President, Wondwosen Tamrat (Ph.D., Associate Prof.) gave concluding remarks by pledging unreserved support for student clubs. 

Finally, SMU student clubs’ representatives visited the American Corner found at the premises of the Main Campus of the University. and the Students learned about resources at American Corner.