St. Mary’s University, in collaboration with Soar to Success, held a Certificate of Achievement ceremony for 50, second-cohort students drawn from high schools and universities who completed the Soar to Success University Preparation Program Level One on Saturday, March 23, 2024, at the University’s main campus. The event commenced with students networking and sharing their experiences.

Misganaw Solomon,(PhD) representing St. Mary’s University, encouraged students to focus on their studies and emphasized the importance of interaction which gives valuable opportunities and support on their journey to success.

Chachi Tadesse, a renowned artist and humanitarian, shared inspiring words with the students. She highlighted the significance of improving their English language skills, which not only enhances communication but also opens doors to scholarships. Some students from the same cohort have already secured scholarships, demonstrating the impact of language proficiency.

The ceremony concluded with participants receiving their certificates. Educator Margaret Hofer presented these certificates, recognizing the successful completion of the 12-week TOFEL preparation program. This program aimed to enhance participants’ English language abilities, equipping them for academic and professional success.

Additionally, it was announced during the ceremony that College Preparatory Level Two classes would commence on the same day which focuses on writing skills, an essential competency for university and the workforce. Participants will delve into persuasive, narrative, and research essay writing, refining their language abilities.

Finally, the ceremony culminated with the visit of the Students to the American Corner.