St.Mary's University

To, All Students

Virtual learning rules of engagement

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 

To stop the spread of COVID-19, it was decided that face-to-face learning be switched to virtual modality. Accordingly, St. Mary’s University has been delivering courses virtually since March 18, 2020. To make the virtual teaching, learning and assessment effective, SMU has put in place a Learning Management System (LMS) which will enable students to access learning materials and assessment tools. To help students maximize the opportunities for learning through interaction, video lectures are being prepared via zoom. Both the LMS and the zoom platforms are interactive media that allow teachers and students to exchange resources, make live or off-line conversations and do evaluations. The success of this innovative teaching-learning and assessment heavily depends on students’ active participation, engagement and the highest level of self-discipline. As students, you are, therefore, required to: 

  • regularly check announcements and schedules; 
  • follow lessons according to schedules;
  •  do assignments and submit them on time;
  • positively engage toward making the most out of these virtual learning modalities;
  • use the platforms only for educational purposes;
  • report inquiries and special needs to the Student Support Services Office; 
  • lodge any concerns to only department heads and the Student Support Services Office via only email and LMS NOT any other social media;
  • manage your time wisely and effectively; 
  • refrain from writing negative comments on any social media;

By adhering to the aforementioned rules of engagement, committing your time, energy and resources, and positively engaging in the virtual learning, you will continue to not only learn while staying at home, but make wise use of your time, which is decisive to improve your own life and the lives of others. 

Any infringement of the above principles shall result in disciplinary action as per the University’s rules and regulations. 

SMU will keep on its efforts to maximize your learning opportunities by implementing innovative schemes conducive to you and teachers alike. 

As time never comes back, make sure that you use every minute wisely, efficiently and effectively. 

Take care of yourselves and stay safe! 

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