The Career and Internship Unit of St. Mary’s University conducted orientation on the theme: Career Development and Internship   from March 20 to 31/2023, scheduled on both morning and afternoon sessions. About 908 (576 female and 332 male) students successfully attended the orientation which was given by Ato Daniel Zewdie, Director of the Unit. The orientation focused on how students need to work on their career development through the four recurring steps:  Self-assessment, Exploration, Reality-testing, and Implementation. In addition, the students were given in-depth explanations about HEEE preparation. 

Moreover, the orientation clarified the qualities of a perfect intern: team spirit, innovative mindset, developing a diligent work ethics and trustworthiness, retaining a positive attitude, upholding self-control, and self-confidence to get work done during the internship. Generally, the program tried to explore the concept, purpose, and benefits of the internship. 

Finally, the eleven-day orientation session was concluded by acknowledging, various department heads and the Student Service Support Office (SSSO),for their collaboration in posting the orientation timetable on the students’ group telegram. Appreciation was also forwarded to the students for their patience and active participation. 

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