The 8th Annual Exhibition, which was organized by the Faculty of Informatics, St. Mary’s University under the theme “Empowering Your Future” was held from May 29 to 31, 2023 at the Multipurpose Hall of the Undergraduate Campus.

 Ato Tedla Haile, Executive Vice President of the University, gave an introductory remark and highlighted the importance of such exhibitions for showcasing the talents and potential of students. Having said that, Ato Tedla invited Ato Kassahun Desalegn, Head of INSA’s Talent Development Center to inaugurate the exhibition. Ato Kasahun complimented the students for their innovative skills and pledged his organization’s support for the ICT department and its students in their future endeavors.

On the exhibition software projects on cyber security and other innovative and problem-solving applications were on display. Students showcased incredible ICT talents in cyber security, whose focus is on protecting and defending personal, industrial and institutional networks from cyber threats such as SQL injection, Brute force, spoofing and eavesdropping attacks. Other students showed remarkable innovative talents by developing ICT platforms such as systems that connect employees and employers, warehouse management systems, and student mentoring systems.               


With the active support from a team of instructors in the Faculty, this year’s exhibition has built upon past experiences and taken advantage of the present technological developments. Overall, the exhibition is hoped to enable students to examine real-life problems and find possible solutions using technological output.

The exhibition was concluded with a lively panel discussion that involved representatives from each team, followed by a handover of certificates and a closing speech by the President of the University, Wondwosen Tamirat (Ph.D.) During his closing speech, he appreciated the Faculty of Informatics for their commendable job in organizing such an excellent and innovative exhibition. He also congratulated the students who showcased their ground-breaking talent at the exhibition and emphasized that their outstanding work remains inspirational and exemplary.

This year’s 8th annual ICT exhibition involved 65 3rd and 4th-year informatics students who displayed innovative talents on 13 different ICT projects. In the past seven years, such exhibitions have inspired successive cohorts of students, some of whom ventured into business after acquiring demonstrable skills in technology.

The exhibition demonstrated the potential of ICT to empower the future of Ethiopia and beyond. It also highlighted the collaboration and creativity of the students and faculty members who participated in the event. The exhibition was a testament to the University’s commitment to fostering excellence and innovation in ICT education and research.

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