The Third Institutional Self-evaluation Steering Committee which executes the Institutional self-evaluation that the University prepares once every five years is Established at the meeting held on march 11, 2023 in the Main Campus Syndicate Room. Its members are drawn from the teaching, management, and support units. They are fully empowered to conduct the institutional self-evaluation of SMU and establish sub-committees, as needed.

The primary purpose of conducting institutional self-evaluation is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the University and ensure the development of the culture of introducing quality audit systems for continuous institutional development.  

Finally, it was noted that during the first two institutional self-evaluation periods, the previous Committee had been working with various sub-committees while preparing its operational plan. Moreover, the documents and the findings of the self-evaluations are publicized and used by HERQA and many other universities as reference materials. Therefore, it was remarked that the newly established committee is required to evaluate the limitation of the previous documents and enrich the third institutional self-evaluation document.

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