A cohort of 15 members from St. Mary’s University, paid an educational tour to the ongoing Tourism and Hospitality Exhibition at Science Museum in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa on Saturday, 28 October 2023. 

A cohort of St Mary’s University at entrance of Science Museum 

Organized by the FDRE Ministry of Tourism, the month-long Exhibition has brought together about 100 entities engaged in several sectors and subsectors of the amalgam industry, displaying and promoting natural and cultural attractions as well as tourism destinations, products and services in their respective fields. 

 A cohort of St. Mary’s University on premises of Science Museum 

Through the facilitation of the Dean of the Department THM and headed by Shiferaw Tadesse, staff and former Head of the Department, and coordinated by Foziya Fetudin, Chief of Students Union, the cohort comprised of students mainly from THM and other Departments of the University, has been able to visit stalls and displays of the Ministry of Tourism, Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority, National Parks, tourism destinations and activities of all regions as well as businesses in the private sector and other entities operating in the industry. The cohort has adequately been briefed about activities, products and services of the respective sectors, subsectors, and businesses by experts and relevant bodies. In addition to the endemic species, the country’s wildlife resources and national parks and their status have sufficiently been discussed at length by respective professionals. Using latest technology, the students have also experienced virtual tours at the Exhibition. 

Wildlife expert speaking to students of St. Mary’s University 

Replicas and representations of the major attractions from across the country, the 15 UNESCO-inscribed heritages of Ethiopia, wildlife resources in the country, industry-specific initiatives of the Prime Minister, the various businesses of hotels, air and other transportation, tour operators, travel agencies, food and beverage services, souvenirs and cultural costumes, tech solutions and supplies as well as other relevant tangibles and services have been in the display at the Exhibition that kicked off on 10 October and ends on 7 November 2023.  

Students experiencing virtual tour at Tourism & Hospitality Exhibition