The International Relations and Communication Office (IRCO) of SMU, before taking its current name and status and responsibilities, had different names and statuses. It was called Public Relations Office at the beginning of its establishment. It was initiated in 2002 to undertake limited activities that included: preparing publications (Newsletter, calendar, executive diary and best wish cards), working with local media, facilitating voluntary activities, inviting public speakers to share their experiences to students, representing the then St. Mary’s College now St. Mary’s University in press conferences, and participating in education-related external meetings. With its upgrading to the External Relation Office in 2006, the roles and responsibilities of the Office expanded to initiating and maintaining programs designed to strengthen public understanding and support of St. Mary’s missions of teaching and learning, research and community services; keeping the Institution’s community and the external public informed through publications; initiating and supporting visitors’ services, community, organizational and institutional relations; initiating and facilitating various events; attending external meetings and events; keeping documentations; preparing summary reports to the President and making policy consultations with the President and the administration. Its name changed to Information and Communication Office, under SMU, at the restructuring made in 2010. It was in 2013 that the Office got its current name and status.

Areas of Responsibilities

With an ever-increasing number of local, national and international stakeholders and partners, the International Relations and Communication Office (IRCO) of St. Mary’s University aspires to build and maintain effective internal and external relationships to help the University meet its objectives and hence its mission and vision.

The IRCO is accountable to the Vice President for Research and International Relations and is responsible for:

  1. Promotion
    • It promotes the University’s image, ensures its visibility and access to its quality services. These include serving as a major office for public media representation, acting as a press representative, and management of sponsorships and channel of communication to internal customers.
  1. International Relations 
  • Facilitating links with local and foreign institutions
  • Seeking and availing academic and other related information for faculties and students to maximize benefit from international opportunities
  1. Publications
  • Coordinating the preparation, publication , following up the printing and distribution of the University’s publications and collecting feedback for improvement. Some of the publications are:
  • International Conferences on Private Higher Education
  • Annual Multidisciplinary Seminar
  • CODL Seminars
  • Annual Student Research Forum

                  Hybrid publications

  • Quality Matters
  • Assessment in Focus
  • The Teacher
  • Mizan Law Review
  • Journal of Business and Administrative Services (JBAS)
  • Journal of Agriculture and Development (JAD)
          Quarterly Newsletters
  • SMU in Stride
  • Prospectus, book of profile, handbooks
  1. Website and social media administration
  • Editing content, upgrading, authorizing, posting, uploading information and data, and doing follow ups.
  • 5.Event management and documentation
  • Managing and documenting events that include graduation ceremonies, campus and other external events through a variety of media
  • 6.Planning and conducting marketing and public opinion research
  • 7.Managing both internal and external relations
  • Ensuring the management of internal and external relations in a coherent and collaborative manner in order to attain opportunities that will contribute to both the University’s profile and reputation.

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