The Department of Marketing Management, Undergraduate Program, is one of the four departments under the Faculty of Business. The Department was established in 1998 by offering education in a 12+2 diploma program. It introduced the undergraduate degree program in the extension and regular divisions in 2003 and 2004, respectively. Following the restructuring at the University, the Department of Marketing Management was separately established as one of the three departments under the Faculty of Business in August, 2005 and has since been offering an undergraduate degree in Marketing Management. 

The Department of Marketing Management is committed to providing quality education and producing qualified and competent professionals who can adequately meet the skilled workforce needs of the business and industry in the country and/or establish and run their business entities.

The Department has several platforms which facilitate students’ exposure to practical training. For instance, it holds an annual bazaar as part of demonstrating the practical aspects of its curriculum. In this annual event, 2nd-year students of the Department have run a week-long bazaar as part of their Salesmanship and Sales Management course requirement. During the event, students conducted consignment sales of commodities, the proceeds of which will go to charities.

The Degree Program is a four-year program for regular students, while the duration for extension students takes five years. The duration for students who join the department after securing a degree elsewhere depends on the number of course exemptions they may be entitled to.

Students registered for the program are required to undertake research in their major area as a partial fulfillment of the requirements for the BA Degree in Marketing Management.

Admission to the department requires students to meet the minimum entrance requirements set by the FDRE Ministry of Education(MoE) .


Undergraduate Campus

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P.O. Box 1211/18490

Addis Ababa,