The Office of the Director for Academic Affairs at the Undergraduate Studies is an office entrusted with facilitating and ensuring the smooth running of teaching-learning, assessment and research. Reporting to the Executive Vice President, the Director for Academic Affairs is mandated to coordinate, follow up and supervise all academic activities at the Undergraduate Campus. 

The Director for Academic Affairs shall:

  • sort out outstanding issues at the Registrar’s Office and bring forth proposed solutions;
  • coordinate and monitor the development and implementation of the academic program’s internal system (strategies and procedures);
  • ensure appropriate guidance and support of undergraduate academic program procedures, policies, and strategies;
  • oversee and facilitate the management of undergraduate academic programs, including assessment and evaluation;
  • provide /facilitate training, and awareness/induction workshops regarding academic program enhancement procedures, policies, and strategies to the undergraduate academic staff;
  • undertake and guide activities of curricular development, updating/revisions and proposing implementation of the same by the concerned bodies;
  • initiate and inculcate organizational values, beliefs, and team spirits in the academic community;
  • handle all student-related matters to promote excellence in the teaching-learning process;
  • ensure and oversee the process of recruitment and appointment of academic personnel as per the rules and regulations;
  • devise and implement mechanisms for the timely processing of payments and benefits for academic staff;
  • propose ways and means of recognizing the achievements of outstanding instructors to top management;
  • create links with class representatives of students in collaboration with department heads and the Student Support and Service Office; and
  • Identify the support needed at the various offices and propose propping up mechanisms.


Undergraduate Campus


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