St.Mary's University

The Director for Academic Affairs shall:

  • Handle all student-related matters whatever the case may be;
  • Scrutinize class absenteeism reports before final decision is made by the EVP;
  • Work with department heads and faculty deans to sort out students at risk;
  • Sort out outstanding issues at the Registrar’s Office and bring forth proposed solutions;
  • Oversee, in collaboration with heads of departments, whether classes and exams are held according to schedule;
  • Follow up whether monthly activities are reported in conformity with annual plans;
  • Follow up curricular review developments of the undergraduate programs;
  • Work closely with departments to ensure whether students evaluate their instructors according to schedule;
  • Propose ways and means of recognizing the achievements of outstanding instructors;
  • Identify the support needed at the various offices and propose propping up mechanisms;
  • Create a link with class representatives in collaboration with department heads and the student affairs dean;
  • Follow up whether student complaints are addressed by the pertinent offices.

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