St. Mary’s University devises and provides several customized as well as standardized training programs on a number of relevant topics for different private enterprises, government organizations, and NGOs. Among the training the University provides are Records Management, Communication Skills, Customer Handling, Human Resource Management, Supervisory Management, Strategic Management, Leadership Skills, Computerized Accounting, etc.

Any training and development program is designed based on institutional training needs assessment that takes into consideration institutional strategy, employee performance, technological change and many other factors so that it can be deliberately aligned to the strategic direction and objectives of the institution.  In line with this, the Short-term Training and Consultancy Office of the University has conducted a new training needs assessment of private,  government and NGO institutions and come up with additional training courses such as Capital Market, Project Management, IFRS, SPSS, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, English Language, Academic Writing Skills, Research Report Writing Skills, IT-based training and many others in the areas of quality and productivity management and computer science.

In addition, the Office has designed and is providing additional short-term training programs on consultancy services dealing with Education, Finance, Human resource, Gender, Development, Agriculture, Small and Medium Enterprises, etc. To effectively conduct these training programs, St, Mary’s University has adequate training facilities and equipment such as syndicate rooms, LCD, a multipurpose hall, computer labs, and training rooms. Moreover, qualified and experienced staff and external trainers are involved in the training.

The training takes place during weekdays, weekends, after working hours, on a half-day basis, in one segment or in more interval segments, based on the trainees’ preferences.

How to register

The Short-term Training Office has two types of registration formats. The first one is through direct contact, in which any company with training needs writes a letter which includes the types of training needed, the number of trainees, their qualification and positions to which the Office responds within two days. The second one is where individuals register in person for the training they need.

For Further information, please contact us through:

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