The Department of Economics is one of the departments under the Faculty of Business at St. Mary’s University. It provides undergraduate degree in the field of Economics to both regular and extension students. The Department aims to provide quality education to produce well qualified and competent graduates who can sufficiently meet the skilled workforce needs of the country and those who would like to involve themselves in self-employment.

Students registered for the program are required to undertake research in their major area as a partial fulfillment of the requirements for the BA Degree in Economics.

To be admitted to the Department, students must meet the minimum entry requirements set by the Ministry of Education (MoE). The duration for the undergraduate degree is four years for regular students and five years for extension students. However, the duration for students who join the department for the undergraduate degree program after securing their undergraduate degree elsewhere depends on the number of course exemptions they may be entitled to. 


Undergraduate Campus

Telephone: +251 11 553 8020 9(118)

P. O. Box 1211/18490         

 Addis Abab