The Undergraduate studies of St. Mary’s University started with only 37 students enrolled in three departments and have grown remarkably over the last two decades. Following the expansion which required more spaces for teaching, laboratory, offices and the like, the Undergraduate campus which was located opposite the Federal High Court moved to the buildings at Maichew Square, adjacent to Wabe Shebelle Hotel in September, 2002.
The current Undergraduate Campus is located at the heart of the city where transport from and to the campus are easily accessible to students and staff coming to and going from the different corners of the city. The programs offered at this campus are:
   – Accounting and Finance
   – Computing Science
   – Management
   – Marketing Management and
  – Tourism and Hospitality Management.
Admission to the undergraduate programs is normally based on the results of the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination as set by the Ministry of Education each year.

The Undergraduate Campus has four academic units offering services to students. These are Department of Basic Courses, Faculty of Accounting, Faculty of Business, and Faculty of Informatics.


The Faculty of Accounting and Finance, Undergraduate Program, formerly called the Department of Accounting under the then School of Business, was established with the inception of St. Mary’s University in 1998, offering a diploma program. It took its current shape in November 2016 with the view to provide more efficient and quality service to the rapidly growing number of students joining the Faculty and meet the skilled workforce requirements of the labor market. The Faculty of Accounting and Finance offers training in the field of Accounting and Finance in the regular and extension programs.


The Faculty of Business, Undergraduate Program launched its programs in 1998. It took its current shape in 2005 with the view to provide more efficient and quality service to the rapidly growing number of students joining the business streams of the University and to meet the skilled workforce requirements of the labor market. The day-to-day activities of the Faculty are executed by department heads under close supervision by a Faculty Dean. Issues pertaining to policy and institutional development are discussed and endorsed by the Faculty Academic Commission.



The Faculty of Informatics was established in 2000 enrolling a total of 147 students in certificate and 12+2 diploma programs in the regular and extension divisions at the department of Computer Science.  The Faculty launched the Undergraduate degree program in Computer Science in 2005 Academic year. In 2005/06, the Faculty was raised to the level of Faculty by launching a new undergraduate degree program in the field of Information Technology named as Faculty of Informatics. 


The Department of Marketing Management, Undergraduate Program, is one of the three departments under the Faculty of Business. The Department was established in 1998 by offering education in a 12+2 diploma program. It introduced the undergraduate degree program in the extension and regular divisions in 2003 and 2004, respectively. Following the restructuring at the University, the Department of Marketing Management was separately established as one of the three departments under the Faculty of Business in August, 2005 and has since been offering an undergraduate degree in Marketing Management. 


The Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Undergraduate Program, was established in 2013. The program is geared towards producing qualified youth and adults who meet the skilled workforce needs of the country and those who aspire to be involved in self-supportive activities.


The Department of Management is one of the departments under the Faculty of Business at St. Mary’s University. It provides an undergraduate degree in the field of Management to regular and extension students. The Department strives to provide quality education to produce well-qualified and competent graduates who can sufficiently meet the skilled workforce needs of the country and those who would like to involve themselves in self-employment.


Department of Basic Courses is one of the longest academic divisions in the University. Established in 1998, the Department has undergone several restructuring to respond to the evolving developments. The Department of Basic Courses served as Faculty of Teacher Education for more than a decade, comprising Departments of Languages, Mathematics and Basic Science, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Education. Its graduates had 100% employment upon graduation. Following the directive issued by the Government in 2010, which banned Private Higher Education Institutions from running teacher education and law programs, it was restructured as a department. It got its current name in 2015. It offers common courses to all undergraduate programs. In addition, it offers need-based short-term training in various areas


Undergraduate Regular Program 

          Ras Abebe Aregay Street, Adjacent to Wabe Shebelle Hotel

          Tel: +251-115538017 Associate Registrar’s Office 


Undergraduate Distance Program 

          Roosevelt Street, Adjacent to Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise

         +251-115504762/63 Associate Registrar’s Office

          Fax: +251-115580559


          P.O.Box: 1211

          Addis Ababa,