The President is the chief executive officer and is the chief spokesperson of the University.

The President is an academic staff member, the Chair of the Senate, the head of the faculties, primarily responsible for the enforcement of discipline in the University, and the official medium of communication between SMU and external stakeholders.

The President shall:

  • define goals, take administrative actions, and facilitate public understanding;
  • utilize the judgments of the faculty and also seek outside evaluations by organizations and scholars of acknowledged competence;
  • initiate and coordinate the designing and reviewing of a strategic plan and ensure its implementation;
  • employ and administer the academic and administrative staff of SMU in accordance with the directives set in this legislation: the bylaws and relevant laws of the University;
  • identify and define the responsibilities of other members of the administration, serving at his/her discretion, guide and direct other functions necessary to SMU;
  • confer all diplomas and degrees and preside at commencement ceremonies;
  • authorize the issuance of all degrees, diplomas and certificates;
  • effect expenditure in accordance with the approved budget of the University;
  • represent the University in all its dealings with third parties and sign contracts and other agreements upon the approval of the Senate;
  • liaise between national and international bodies;
  • oversee the implementation of recommendations and regulations passed by the Senate;
  • act as the chairperson of whatever legislative body a faculty establishes, and as an ex-officio member of all committees, councils, etc; and
  • Open and operate bank accounts in the name of SMU on the basis of the financial regulation of the Institution.


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