The Career and Internship Unit began working in 2004 with Vocational Guidance and Counseling Service to students who were attending TVET, and supervising the implementation of Practicum courses with the intent of improving the quality of education and training at the University.

Currently, the Unit coordinates the internship program for degree students. Furthermore, it offers training that will make them ready either for formal employment or self-employment, and facilitates employment opportunities for graduating students by contacting partners and employers in the business and industry. The Unit also conducts job-fairs to create opportunities for prospective graduates to meet employers, experienced professionals, and new contacts to improve their networking. CIU carries out evaluative studies using data collected through biweekly reports of interns, and supervisors’ evaluative reports for improving the implementation of internship, curricular revision, and classroom instruction. CIU is tasked to carry out tracer studies on graduates to document their employability, transition to employment, and determine graduates’ satisfaction in relation to the services rendered by SMU.

With a view to enhance students’ learning and experience, the Unit works hard to:

  • empower students to successfully complete their off-campus professional endeavors;
  • support students to gain awareness and experience in the world of work;
  • enhance graduates’ employability through establishing collaboration and partnership with potential employers;
  • assist graduates with technical support to create their own jobs; and
  • Impact on students’ successful professional progress through offering career guidance and counseling services by initiating students’ engagement in the Career Club

Career and Internship office strives to address the above objectives through the diversified student services it provides to students and prospective graduates. These include the following.

  • Training on career and career development for first and second-year students;
  • Training on employability/soft skills and entrepreneurial skills to prospective graduates;
  • Professional orientation to students on the implementation of the internship;
  • Professional and career guidance service;
  • Employment service for graduates when they complete their learning; and
  • Support to the career club

To realize its objectives, the Unit has designed a working scheme to form strong links with different organizations that work on the provision of a variety of training to promote graduate employability and self-employment, and with those employers who hire our graduates every year.

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