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The Career and Internship Unit has been in operation since 2004. From that time on the Unit has been working taking two major responsibilities. The first is organizing, coordinating and monitoring the Internship Program for students in the under graduate degree program and the second is offering career orientation and development services to facilitate employability of new graduates. To realize these goals the Unit has been doing its best through engaging in variety of activities specified under the purposes.


The major purposes of the unit are to:

  • coordinate, manage, and monitor the internship program through creating link and partnership with stakeholders and collaborators in the business areas.
  • enable students to successfully complete their off campus professional practice during internship;
  • carry out field visits in the different directions of Addis Ababa to check interns’ attendance and active engagement in the host companies
  • carry out evaluative study on the internship program practiced every year and extract important recommendations from the study for feedback;
  • create awareness programs on entrepreneurship for career club members and students;
  • provide trainings for prospective graduates on employability skills, communication skills, CV and application writings, professional ethics and employers’ interest;
  • Provide professional guidance and counseling services to those students having personal, internship, career orientation and development, and job hunting related  problems; 
  • Organize events like job fair to prospective graduates to create attachments with variety of companies and employers in face-to-face to facilitate opportunities for employment.
  • Strongly facilitate employment of graduates in different business companies, Governmental organizations, and NGOs in Ethiopia regularly. 
  • conduct tracer studies on graduates to document the employability, transition to employment and measure the degree of satisfaction of graduates with respect to the services they received from the University.


The university is working closely with different Government (MoE, MoSHE, CBE, etc.) and Non-government private companies and employers 

By 2018/19 St. Mary’s University has also signed a memorandum of understanding with Dereja, a business unit of is an Info mind Solutions Company for capacitating graduating students on their employability skills.


The office would like to appreciate partners, stakeholders, and companies, who have been working with us so far. It is also our pleasure to cooperate and work collaboratively with new partners and stakeholders who are interested.

For more information you can contact:

  1. Ato Daniel Zewdie/Asst. prof./  (Director  of the Unit)

Cell:  0911 17 58 57

Office:  0115510 933

  1. Ato Taddesse Aredo (Career Development Coordinator)

Office: 0115510 933

Ato Miskir Getahun (Internship Coordinator)

 Telephone no. 0917 19 71 89

Frehiwote    (Secretary)

Telephone no. 0911 63 68 39

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