The Institute of Agriculture and Development Studies (IADS) was established in 2011 as one of the academic programs of the School of Graduate Studies at St. Mary’s University with accredited graduate programs in Agricultural Economics, and Rural Development. The Institute expanded its offering of demand-driven additional accredited masters programs in Development Economics, Social Work, Development Management, and Sociology in 2014, 2018, and 2019,respectilvely.  Currently, in addition to its regular programs, the Institute has completed its preparation to commence weekend and extension programs. The online program preparation to reach remote area to the needy segments of the community is also underway. The programs of IADS are offered through rigorous combinations of theoretical, practical, and policy-oriented regular two-year semester-based courses and thesis writing. The Institute’s teaching and learning is not limited to the classroom; it also involves field practices and community services based on the service users’ felt needs. Most of the students at the Institute are coming from government organizations (GOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international organizations (IOs), private organizations (POs), and self-motivated individuals.

The Institute employs more than 12 PhD holders who are full-time academic staff in a variety of fields of study to run its programs. They are responsible for their students’ construction of knowledge, building of skills, changing of attitude, and development of their professional selves.

The Institute admits students twice a year for all its programs through rigorous screening processes that involve fulfilling all the requirements set by the University’s School of Graduate Studies and taking an entrance exam.

The Institute owns the Journal of Agriculture and Development (JAD), which publishes peer-reviewed research articles on agriculture and development studies semiannually. The Journal is dispatched to universities and institutes of agricultural research in the country and shared through a website for wider communities.

Main or Green Campus

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Addis Ababa,