St. Mary’s University graduated its Undergraduate and postgraduate students at Addis Ababa Exhibition Centre on July 15, 2023.

During the ceremony ,in his opening speech, Wondwosen Tamrat (Ph.D., Associate Professor), Founder and President of the University, congratulated the graduates for successfully completing their field of studies. 

The President addressed that, in accordance with the directives given by the Ministry of Education this year, the University has conducted a properly organized and coordinated tutoring and teaching program to prepare the undergraduate program graduates in the competency areas of each field of study and qualify them for the Higher Education Exit Exam (HEEE).

“In the Higher Education Exit Exam conducted in June 2023, apart from one field of study that has been disregarded at the national level, a 75% average score was obtained in all other fields of study which allowed most of our students to pass the exam. This achievement has made the students and our institution very proud,” the President remarked.

This year 993 undergraduate and 585 postgraduate students have completed their studies. In terms of gender composition, 275 (47%) of the postgraduate program graduates are male, and 310 (53%) are female, whereas, 493 (49%) of the undergraduate program graduates are male, and 500 (51%) are female.

The graduation ceremony was a celebration of academic excellence and achievement. Graduates with top academic scores were recognized for their hard work and dedication to their studies. The Guest of Honor, honorary Dr. Zumra Nur Muhamed, founder of Awramba Community, presented the awards to the deserving graduates.

Dr. Muhamed’s closing remarks were filled with wisdom and inspiration. He encouraged the graduates to work together diligently and respect one another. His words will undoubtedly stay with the graduates as they embark on their next journey in life.


The graduation ceremony was a memorable event that celebrated the achievements of the graduates and inspired them to continue striving for excellence.

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