Ethiopia celebrated its 22nd national and 24th global Intellectual Property Day with the theme “Building Our Common Future with Innovation and Creativity” at the Science Museum on April 26, 2024.  The Ethiopian Intellectual Property Authority (EIPA) is leading the charge in proclamation reforms to strengthen the national IP system’s foundations.

The day’s festivities included an Innovation Fair, showcasing pioneering startups poised to drive Ethiopia’s economic growth with their innovative breakthroughs.

The event also featured key research papers that underscored the transformative effect of IP for Sustainable Development and technology transfer. Panelists tackled pressing issues such as the necessity for a clear legal framework and financial support systems that enable creators to bring their ideas to fruition. The discourses also covered the intricacies of copyright, patent, and trademark laws, emphasizing the critical need for legal reforms that encourage a climate of innovation.

 An IRCO officer represented St. Mary’s University at the event.