In a significant step towards fostering a cohesive and informed workforce, St. Mary’s University conducted the first round of a half-day employee induction program on February 16, 2024, at the Syndicate Room. Organized by the Human Resources Management Office, the event aimed to integrate 19 newly hired employees into the University community.  

The induction began with a warm welcome to the new hires, emphasizing their value to the institution. Participants were introduced to St. Mary’s University’s overarching vision and mission, highlighting core values such as excellence, integrity, and collaboration. Clear communication of institutional guidelines and policies ensured employees understood their responsibilities, while compliance with university standards was emphasized.

Employees were informed about their rights within the organization. Obligations, including professional conduct and ethical behavior, were outlined. Benefits, such as health coverage and leave policies, were explained. Furthermore, a comprehensive overview of expected and prohibited activities provided employees with clarity on the boundaries and expectations set by the University