On October 29, 2023, a plan revision session for all clubs in SMU for 2016 E.C. was held at St. Mary’s University. The session was organized by the Student Support Services Office (SSSO), and CEIQA.

St. Mary’s University places great emphasis on students’ extracurricular activities and currently, there are nine clubs on campus. The purpose of the plan revision session was to gather input and suggestions from these clubs to shape the final version of the plan which is going to be presented to the top management for approval by heads of each club.

During the session, Ato Shegaw G/Medhin, the director of the Center for Educational Improvement and Quality Assurance, provided detailed comments to be included in the final plan. These comments were aimed at ensuring that the final plan adequately addressed the needs and aspirations of the students.

Overall, the plan revision session served as an important platform for collaboration between the SSSO, CEIQA, and the various clubs at St. Mary’s University. It highlighted the University’s commitment to providing a well-rounded educational experience that includes robust extracurricular activities for its students.