In an effort to enhance the quality of customer service, St. Mary’s University Human Resource Management Office conducted a half-day training session on Friday, March 22, 2024, at the Main Campus, Chamber Room. The event which focused on empowering staffs with the necessary skills to excel in customer service, witnessed an attendance of 25 participants.

The training, led by  Zemenu Aynadis (PhD) was designed to address the core needs of customers for their ultimate satisfaction. The presenter supported his briefing with a PowerPoint presentation, enlightening them about the objectives aimed at refining their customer handling skills.

Key topics discussed included the Importance of Customer Service, Meeting and Exceeding Customers’ Expectations, and the Principles of Exceptional Customer Service, with a special emphasis on ‘The Golden Rule’ of treating customers as one would wish to be treated. The session also delved into understanding customer choices, desires, and effectively handling customer complaints.

Finally,  discussion was held, allowing participants to reflect on the insights shared and to consider how consistent and reliable service can lead to heightened customer satisfaction.