St Mary’s University’ Office of the Vice President for Research and International Relations  (OVPRIR), and the ICT Department, under the auspices of the Center of Education Improvement and Quality Assurance (CEIQA), conducted a sensitization session on the use of technology and the transition to a paperless system for its top and middle-level management on December 16, 2023, at Syndicate Room. The session was led by Misaganaw Solomon (PhD), the Vice President for Research and International Relations (OVPRIR), and Solomon Hunegnaw, the ICT Department Head.

The sensitizing session aimed at familiarizing the participants with useful tech resources, such as One Drive, Microsoft 365, Student Record Management System, HR Database, and LMS. The presenters demonstrated how these tools can facilitate easy access, retrieval, and sharing of documents, as well as collaborative work, without geographical restrictions.

The session also covered the topics of online registration, assessment, and teaching-learning and advisory services. At this point,  Shegaw G/Medhin, Director of CEIQA, remarked that SMU is working towards digitalization as part of its strategic priorities plan. 

The session concluded with a discussion on the security, legal, technical, and other related issues that may arise from using technology and the paperless initiative. The participants raised questions and comments and suggested ways to address the challenges and opportunities. Finally, the participants commented that it is great to see SMU taking steps towards a paperless system as technology can help reduce paper usage and make document management more efficient.