St. Mary’s University students had a cultural extravaganza at the Undergraduate Campus On December 14, 2023. The event was organized by the Student Support and Services Office in collaboration with the Student Union and Student Wellness and Success Unit to showcase Ethiopia’s rich cultures. 

The opening speech was delivered by Ato Tedla Haile, Executive Academic Vice President of St. Mary’s University, who remarked that such cultural events are vital to promote the identity of Ethiopians, learn more about one another, and uphold their unity in diversity since it accommodates different multi-cultural elements. He also praised the students for their enthusiasm and creativity in organizing the event.

Ato Alemayehu Tsehayneh, Tourism and Hospitality Management Department Head highlighted the need for students to know and maintain their cultural heritages, and respect and cherish their diversified cultures which manifest the variety of the beauty of the nation. He also encouraged the students to explore Ethiopia’s tourism potential and cultural attractions. 

The students were outfitted with colorful costumes representing the country’s diverse cultures. They showcased various cultures and heritages that make up the country. The colorful cultural event successfully portrayed the fusion of multiple cultural groups performing various dances in unison. 

The presentation of different poems and various activities including games, questions, and answers enlivened the cultural event. The poems express the love and pride of the students for their country, and its cultures that depict the challenges and opportunities of living in a multicultural society.

The event was a great success in promoting the identity of Ethiopians and upholding their unity in diversity. The event also fostered a sense of belonging and harmony among the university’s students and staff.