St. Mary’s University (SMU) organized orientation sessions which were attended by more than 1400 new students on December 11, 2023, with the support of the Student Support Services Office (SSSO) in collaboration with the Student Union. The three sessions which were held at the Undergraduate Campus aimed to provide students with general information about SMU, its programs, rules and regulations, and the services and resources available to them.

An opening remark was delivered by Ato Tedla Haile, Executive Vice President of SMU, who warmly welcomed the students and highlighted the vision and mission of SMU. He also emphasized the importance of academic excellence, integrity, and social responsibility for the students.

Following his speech, Academic Vice President, Misiraku Molla (PhD) explained the role of SMU in supporting student success and learning outcomes. He also outlined the general academic rules that students should follow to ensure a conducive learning environment.

The heads/directors of different departments also gave brief presentations about their respective units the courses they offer, and the various services that SMU provides, such as academic advising, library access, career guidance, health and wellness programs, gender and HIV/AIDS prevention and control programs, scholarships administration, and more.

The orientation sessions were valuable opportunities for the new students to get familiar with SMU’s culture, values, policies, procedures, facilities, staff members, and student organizations. Moreover, received useful tips on how to succeed academically and personally at SMU.