St. Mary’s University held a welcoming ceremony for its newly admitted students on December 21, 2023. The ceremony was organized by the Student Support Services Office (SSSO) in collaboration with the Students’ Union. The event aimed to introduce the students to the academic and social opportunities offered by the university and to inspire them to pursue their goals with passion and discipline.

The ceremony began with a welcoming speech by Hirut Ebdo, SSSO Head, who encouraged the students to engage themselves in extracurricular activities to enrich their learning experience. She also urged the students to make use of the facilities and resources available on campus, such as libraries, ICT center, guidance and counseling office, and clinic. Moreover, she remarked that students can access various support services through the Student Service and Support Office.

Following her speech, opening remarks were made by Ato Tedla Haile, Executive Vice President of St. Mary’s University, who warmly welcomed the students and gave words of wisdom. He advised the students to discipline themselves during their stay at the university and to uphold the values of excellence, integrity, and service. He congratulated them on their admission and wished them success in their academic journey.

The ceremony continued with introductions to the student clubs by their representatives, who invited the new students to join their clubs and participate in various activities and events. The student clubs ranged from academic, cultural, artistic, and social interests, such as the Speech and Debate Club, Literature and Entertainment Club, Book Club, Hagerigna Club, etc.

The event featured an interview session with Solomon Muhe, a renowned Ethiopian actor who has starred in many popular movies. He entertained the audience with humorous stories and shared his insights and tips on how to pursue one’s dreams and talents, and how to overcome challenges and failures. His interview session captured the attention and admiration of the whole audience, who were thrilled to see their idol.

The ceremony also included an experience-sharing session by former students, who shared their stories and achievements, as well as their challenges and lessons learned. They also gave advice and guidance to the new students on how to cope with the academic and social demands of university life. The ceremony featured different games such as questions and answers, TikTok, dance challenges, drama, and poems, which were presented by students. The games added fun and excitement to the ceremony, as well as fostered interaction and friendship among the students.

Finally, Temesgen Birhan, Student Union President, thanked everyone for attending the ceremony and expressed his hope that the new students would enjoy their time at St. Mary’s University.