St. Mary’s University (SMU) School of Graduate Studies (SGS) organized a thesis orientation on November 4, 2023 for 200 graduate students enrolled in various programs. The orientation was held at the University Main Campus library from 9:00 to 12:00 A.M. and covered topics such as research proposal writing, research methodology, research ethics, SMU thematic areas, and quality assurance. 

The orientation was facilitated by five experts from different academic units of SMU namely: Dr. Mosisa Kegela, Dean of Institute of African Development Studies (IADS); Ato Tesfaye Tilahun, Associate Dean of School of Business (SoB); Ms. Sanait Getahun, Director of Research and Knowledge Management Office (RaKMO); Ms. Bethlehem Nesibu, Dean of Institute of Quality and Productivity Management (IQPM); and Mr. Samuel Fantaye, Director of Student Support Service Office (SSSO).

The orientation aimed to equip graduate students with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct their research projects and write their theses according to the standards and expectations of SMU and the academic community. The students were also reminded to maintain ethical standards and avoid plagiarism, as the University has a zero-tolerance policy for academic dishonesty. Moreover, the students were informed that they are expected to prepare a manuscript of 15 to 20 pages for their thesis. The orientation also allowed the students to interact with the experts and ask questions on various aspects of their research.

The students expressed their appreciation for the orientation and said it was helpful and informative. They also thanked the SGS and the experts for their support and guidance. The orientation was adjourned at 12:00 p.m. with a closing remark from the SGS Student Support Service Office (SSSO) who appreciated the students for their attendance and wished them success in their research endeavors.