The Human Resource Management Office of St. Mary’s University organized a half-day training session focused on “Effective Leadership” on June 8, 2024. The event took place at the Syndicate Room, Main campus. The session was intended for top and middle-level managements, to offer them valuable insights to expand their leadership skills.  

The training led by Tilaye Kassaun (PhD), explored into the fundamental aspects of effective leadership included defining leadership, listing the essential qualities of effective leaders, understanding basic leadership styles, and emphasizing the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership positions.

During the discussion session, participants engaged in reflective dialogue by exchanging insights on effective leadership drawing from their own experiences. It included a range of topics, such as the characteristics of leadership on risk management, courage, and approachability. Additionally, the essence of leadership was a part of this discussion.

The session sparked dynamic conversations on the concepts of collaboration and competitive spirit, both recognized as essential requisites of effective leadership. The training raised an active exchange of ideas on understanding effective leadership for the development of stronger leaders within the institution.

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